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Jesus said, "Love one another as I have loved you." John 13 34-35

The Governing Body is made up of a team of very dedicated volunteers with a desire to ensure that the quality of education at Holy Family Catholic Primary and Nursery School is outstanding.
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Latest Minutes from our Full Governing Body Meetings
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8 May 2019

Required Information for Parents
Governing Body Record Sheet September 2019     Register of Business Interests September 2019     Standing Orders

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Foundation Governors (committees in brackets)
Vice Chair: Dave Dawson
Governing Body
(Chair of Resources/ Head's Performance Management)
Andrew Szeliga
Governing Body
(Facilities Chair/ Admissions and Head's Performance Management)

Sharon Lewis

Committee Governors (committees in brackets)
Mark Donovan
Governing Body
Roy Stephen
Governing Body
Parent Governor (committees in brackets)
Francis Mwangi
Governing Body
Staff (committees in brackets)
Head Teacher: Karen Bathe
Governing Body
(Resources/ Facilities)
Mandie Thoburn
Governing Body
Clerk to Governors
Linda Ostaszewska
Governing Body
Minutes from our Full Governing Body Meetings
8 May 2019    
27 Feb 2019    
28 Nov 2018    
10 Oct 2018    
20 Jun 2018    
29 Nov 2017    
2 May 2018    
21 Feb 2018    
29 Nov 2017    
11 Oct 2017    
3 May 2017    
22 Feb 2017    
30 Nov 2016    
19 Oct 2016    
28 June 2016    
18 May 2016    
24 Feb 2016    
2 Dec 2015    
14 Oct 2015    
8 July 2015    
6 May 2015    
25 February 2015    
4 December 2014    
15 October 2014

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