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Y1-2 Panther Gallery Y1-2 Panther Diary Dates, Planning & Web Links

Dates: Spring 2020
24th January Giraffe Assembly
6th February Safer Internet Day
14th February KS1 Prayer Service
3rd March Parent's Evening
4th March World Book Day
5th March Parent's Evening
Planning: Spring 2020
Year 3/4 panther
We will be using a variety of texts during our English lessons this week. We will be using The Jolly Postman, Cops and Robbers and burglar Bill. We will also be looking at some non-fiction text about Isambard Kingdom Brunel. The children will be covering these key objectives: 
Year 1 - Write sentences by saying out loud the sentences they are about to write, composing a sentence orally before writing it and re-reading what they have read to check it makes sense. The children will also participate in discussion about what is read to them, taking turns and listening to what others say and read their work aloud and share what they have read. We will also be teaching the children to develop their understanding of sentence punctuation by using a capital letter and full stop, question mark or exclamation mark.
Year 2 -The children will write narratives about personal experiences and those of others (real and fiction.) and will also be taught how to write about real events. They will plan or say what they want to write about. The children will write down ideas and/or key events including new vocabulary and be able to re-read to check for sense. We will also be teaching the children how to use full range of punctuation and different sentences forms – statement, question, command. The children will be adding detail to their writing by using expanded noun phrases and subordination (when, if, that, because) and coordination (or, and or but).
Year 3/4 panther
We helping the children to develop their number skills this term. In order to do this, the children will be taught in separate year groups to enable the children to be taught their age related learning objectives.
Year 1 - To add and subtract one-digit and two-digit numbers to 20. To read, write and interpret mathematical statements involving (+ - &=) signs. Solve one step problems involving addition and subtraction. Represent and use number bonds and related subtraction facts within 20.
Year 2 - Recognising and use symbols for pounds and pence. Combine amounts to make particular values. Find different combination of coins that equal the same amounts of money. Solve simple problems in practical context involving addition and subtraction of money of the same unit including giving change.
Year 3/4 panther
We will start the term off by learning about Christmas. The children will know why people thought Jesus was special and be able to recognise and retell the events of the annunciation. The children will also develop their knowledge of the First Christmas. The children will then deepen their understanding of the story of the Wise Men and explore reasons for them bringing gifts. 
The children will then move to learning about Revelation. The children will be able to recognise and retell a parable and know they have messages for people. The children will learn about The Good Samaritan and think carefully about the people in this parable. They will also think about questions they would like to ask the people in the parable. We will work to develop religious belief to the parable. The children will also be considering the events in the parable of The Lost Sheep.
Year 3/4 panther
This term the children will be learning about algorithms and how to keep safe online.
The learning objectives for the term are  to be able to use technology safely and keep personal information private and to understand where to go to for help when he/she has concerns about content or contact online.
During the algorithms topic, the children will be learning to predict the behaviour of simple programmes and to understand what algorithms are. The children will also learn to understand how algorithms are implemented as a program on a digital device and to understand that an algorithm is a precise and unambiguous instruction. The children will be able to use technology purposefully to create, organise and manipulate digital content and create a simple image plan of a sequence of instructions. They will also rearrange images into the correct sequence and verbally explain their reasons behind their choices of sequencing while they try correct any errors in sequencing (debug).
History and DT
Year 3/4 panther
This term we will focus on Isambard Kingdom Brunel and bridges. The children will be learning about changes within living memory and changes in national life. The children will also learn about events beyond living memory that are significant nationally or globally, the life and work of Brunel and his achievements. They will learn about the life of this significant individual from the past who has contributed to national and international achievements. The children will discover more about Brunel as they learn about significant historical events, people and places in our own locality.
Year 3/4 panther
During term 3, the children will develop their gymnastics skills. The children will copy and remember actions as they link actions together to make a sequence. They will learn to move with control and confidence as they create ways of moving that are high and low. The children will learn how to move safely into spaces. They will develop their ability to balance on different parts of my body and hold a position. They will also learn how to balance with a partner and on their own.
Year 3/4 panther
This term the children will be learning how to keep themselves safe. They will be learning about medicines and how they need to be taken responsibly. They will also be thinking about when they feel safe and unsafe and what they can do to help themselves to feel safe again. The children will also be able to identify situations in which they would need to say 'Yes', 'No', 'I'll ask', or 'I'll tell', in relation to keeping themselves and others safe. The children will also be able to recognise that body language and facial expression can give clues as to how comfortable and safe someone feels in a situation. They will also think about who they can talk to if they feel that something is not right.
Year 3/4 panther
During the term the children will be creating rhymes, raps and songs. The children will be learning appropriate songs, rhymes and raps for their age group and while they learn these, they will develop their understanding of the importance of warming up their voices, good posture and projecting their voices. We will work together to learn how to sing in two parts.
Year 3/4 panther
Our topic for this term is Animals. The children will be learning about their senses and describing and comparing the structure of a variety of common animals. The children will also develop their understanding that animals and humans have offspring that grow into adults. The children will learn how to group animals according to what they eat and identify and name a variety of animals that are carnivores, omnivores and herbivores. They will also be able to ask simple questions and recognise they can be answered in different ways and describe the basic needs of animals.
Here are some web links for activities you can do with your child to support them, the children have used these websites in school so will be confident in navigating the pages themselves.

click to viewHandy Homework - closely linked with our KS1 Maths Packs
Education City
Phonics Play
BBC Guides - computers – We are learning about How Computers work? Here is an excellent guide to how we input information into a computer.
ICT Games - An excellent game to help children recognise 2 digit numbers using either Dienes or cups.
Sentence Detectives - Can you look at the sheet below and fix the sentences. Can you make some sentences of your own?
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