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Y1-2 Panther Gallery Y1-2 Panther Diary Dates, Planning & Web Links

Dates: Autumn 2020
09th September KS1 Mass at Church
25th September European Day of Languages
7th October Walk to School
9th October Mental Health Day
w/c 12th October Black History Week
Planning: Autumn 2020
Year 3/4 leopard
In English this term Year 1 and 2 children will be Exploring the stories 'The Trouble with Dragons' by Debi Gliori, 'If all the world' by Joseph Coelho and Allison Colpoys and 'Under the Moon and Over the Sea' poetry by John Agard and Grace Nochols. The children will be writing sentences, thinking about using capital letters and a variety of punctuation, such as, full stops, exclamation marks, question marks and commas. The children will be learning about different word classes such as, nouns and verbs and will be using adjectives and adverbs to help make their sentences more interesting. The children will be writing in a variety of ways, such as, character descriptions, stories, recounts and letters.
Year 3/4 leopard
In Maths this term the children will be exploring place value in number. The children will be completing lots of activities to sort, count and represent numbers, count forwards and backwards and order numbers to 100. The children will also be exploring the place value of number understanding the values of tens and ones in numbers up to 100. We will be putting some Math challenges into context making learning more purposeful, and the children will be completing lots of practical challenges to help develop their understanding.
Year 3/4 leopard
In RE this term we will be following the theme of Creation. The children will have the opportunity to think about what they love about our wonderful world and how we all need to take care of it and what we can do to show others how to look after it. The children will also have the chance to explore some of the prophets, including Amos, as well as stories from the Old Testament.
Year 3/4 leopard
Our science topic for term is called 'Animals including Humans'. The children's main focus this term will be learning about the human aspect of the topic, The children will begin their learning by exploring the names of basic parts of the body including their senses and developing their understanding that we each have a skeleton, learning about its function. We will then move to thinking about inside the body and learning the names of vital organs. The children will learn how to keep their bodies healthy and what they need to do to achieve this both in school and out of school.
History and DT
Year 3/4 leopard
In history this term, we are focusing on significant changes from beyond living memory. This will involve looking at the explorer Christopher Columbus. The children will look into what he did and the changes he made. We will be crossing a little into geography, by looking at his journey across the Atlantic. The children will have the opportunity to role play his journey. This will then lead us into DT through designing and making their own boat for Columbus to use.
Year 3/4 leopard
In PSHE we will be looking at Me and My Relationships focusing on: Why we have classroom rules, thinking about feelings and our feelings, Feelings and bodies, our special people, what makes a good friend and the importance of listening well.
Year 3/4 leopard
In Music this term the children will be learning appropriate songs, rhymes and raps and to understand the importance of warming up their voices, and having good posture. They will be learning the terms: pulse, rhythm and rhyme
Year 3/4 leopard
By the end of the term, the children should be able to create their own sea scape painting. They will do this through learning about the different textures to make painting, using different cutting skills, understand the use of light and dark colours as well as how to use apply these paints carefully with a paintbrush.
Here are some web links for activities you can do with your child to support them, the children have used these websites in school so will be confident in navigating the pages themselves.

click to viewHandy Homework - closely linked with our KS1 Maths Packs
Education City
Phonics Play
BBC Guides - computers – We are learning about How Computers work? Here is an excellent guide to how we input information into a computer.
ICT Games - An excellent game to help children recognise 2 digit numbers using either Dienes or cups.
Sentence Detectives - Can you look at the sheet below and fix the sentences. Can you make some sentences of your own?
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